Monday, July 12, 2010

A saga―a very short one―comes to an end: Saiya the Langoor that fell from the sky passed away on July 3, 2010

Saiya: May - July 2010
May his journey through Samasara take him to a Simian Paradise

Dear Friends,

For those who read the blog about Saiya ( and enjoyed reading of his escape from death to win a second chance to become a free grey langur―I am sad to inform passed away due to a simian form of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). According to his surrogate mother and other staff present at the time, Saiya has been his usual active and mischievous self up until he has gone into a sudden fit and died. Mallika, our head office caretaker who devoted her entire attention and lavished all her care on Saiya is devastated by his sudden death.

I invite you all to wish Saiya a happy journey through “Samsara” to arrive at a Simian paradise.

Saiya with Samantha the day he was rescued from the poacher's house

Saiya with his surrogate mother, Mallika 

Saiya with Sampath - he never lacked a caring hand to take care of him

Saiya with Siriya the night he was rescued

Saiya with one of his many admirers

Saiya was an instant Heart Throb

For the short time he lived Saiya made many friends from across the world...

...and across species

Saiya and Blackie whose friendship will endure in our hearts and minds

Thank you for reading our blog. Pease stay alert to hear of our wild jungle experiences and stories of our encounters with various denizens of the wild through the Jungle Grapevine.

Ravi Corea
Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society


  1. Poor lil guy may he rest in peace!

  2. Oh dear! This is a shock to me. I was looking forward to the day Saiya would have been released. Anyway may Saiya be reunited with his mother.

    RIP Saiya